Cleo Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Cleo are specialists in home devices that electrically stimulate muscles in the body to produce whatever effect you desire. Cleo produce three toning systems consisting of:

  • Cleo 1 facial toning by electrical muscle stimulationThe Cleo I Facial Toning System
    This is the original Cleo toning system designed for electrical stimulation of the facial muscles. This kit is now something of a bargain as it is the oldest of the three systems sold by Cleo. This original unit can only be used on the face, whereas the updated units (Cleo 2 and Cleo Q) have additional modules that can be purchased for toning of other parts of the body.
    As we get older, the muscles in the body start to sag and lose tone. This is especially true in the facial muscles - aging is caused not just by wrinkles, but also by loss of facial tone. The Cleo uses electrical stimulation to stimulate the muscles in the face - giving you a facial work out. There are different programs to target different areas, and a general program for an all over facial work out. From the very first treatment, you will notice an increase in facial toning, especially a more defined jaw line. However, for a permanent improvement in facial tone, you should use the device regularly.

  • Cleo 2 The Cleo II Electrical Stimulation System
    The Cleo 2 consists of a base unit into which other units can be integrated via additional modules that can be bought either separately or all together. There are additional modules for targetting toning of the face and neck, body (tummy, bottom and breasts), cellulite, hands and the pelvic floor. The Premier Multi Gym System includes all these different modules and is a great buy for toning the complete body.

    The pelvic floor module is used internally and is especially recommended if, perhaps, you have had a few children and notice that your pelvic floor isn't as strong as it used to be, for example, you suffer from stress incontinence from time to time when you cough or sneeze, or lift a heavy weight. This module stimulates the pelvic floor hundreds of times and is far more efficient than trying to do the pelvic floor exercises yourself (see more about the specific pelvic floor exerciser at the foot of this page).

  • Cleo QThe Cleo Q Electrical Stimulation System
    The Cleo 'Q' is another modular system, whereby you buy a base unit and then the add on modules as required. The Cleo Q is the newest model sold by Club Cleo. The additional modules include the Cleo 'Q' complete multigym system, which contains all of these modules: Face, Pelvic Module, Upper and Lower Body Modules and all the contents. You save £70 by buying all the modules together. 0% interest free credit is available on this item.

pelvic floor muscle strengthening medical deviceCleo 'Q' Discreet Pelvic Exerciser

The Cleo Q discreet pelvic floor exerciser has been certified a Class IIa medical device which meets the standards of MDD 93/42/EEC for the treatment of weakness of the bladder, including such conditions as stress incontinence. 0% interest free credit is also available on this item.