Laser Hair Removal Home Kits

no!no! Hair

No!No! Hair Removal SystemThe no!no! Hair is a new device that has just been introduced into the UK market. It is a unique hair removal device that features the ThermiconT hair removal system which eradicates all hair instantly and painlessly. The no!no! Hair removes hair, reduced hair density and can reduce regrowth by up to 64%. The Thermicon technology is effective and safe for all skin colours and types (including dark and afro skin) and does not cause irritation, which means you will not suffer from rashes, chafed skin or ingrowing hairs. The no!no! Hair will is widely believed to be a replacement for current methods of hair removal including shaving, waxing, epilation and depilatory creams etc. It is currently on sale for £139.95 and is available in pink or black.

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Laser Hair Removal Home Kits


laset hair removal home kit Rio ScanningLaser hair removal home kits are kits that permanently remove unwanted hair after a number of treatments. The item pictured to the right is the Rio Scanning Laser Faster Hair Remover. It is designed for use at home and is the top of the range Rio model offering the fastest hair removal.

It works by directing a laser beam directly to the root of the hair with sufficient energy to destroy it.

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tria laser home hair removalAnother home laser hair removal kit is made by TRIA and has been widely featured on TV and in the media (GMTV reviewed it and it has been reviewed by Nadine Baggott, the resident beauty expert on ITV's This Morning). Tria was initially sold in Japan and was massively successful there - it has now been approved for sale in the UK and Ireland (note that contract restrictions allow Tria to only sell this device to customers from the UK and Ireland).

Tria is a medical grade home laser and thus is more expensive than the RIO systems - the top of the range RIO system typically costs around £190, but the Tria costs £675. However, it does come with a no risk 30 day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the results.

The Tria device has been extensively trialled and all the study data and before and after photos are available on the Tria website. Two of the photos are featured below.

bikini line before tria laser hair removal
bikini line before tria laser hair removal
Bikini line - before first treatment
Bikini line - one month after the third treatment with Tria

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How do they work?

The wavelength of the light is effectively transparent in lighter skinned people. However, the hair contains more melanin and so absorbs the energy produced by the laser. The heat from the laser destroys the cells responsible for hair growth. If sufficient energy is absorbed, the hair follicle is destroyed. Whilst this laser is appropriate for use on the majority of skin colours, unfortunately it is not suitable for use on Afro-Caribbean or very dark skin as this skin contains a lot of melanin, which would absorb the energy from the laser. However, dark skinned people can use electrolysis or the no!no! ThermiconT device at the top of this page.

Hair growth occurs in three phases:

  • The active growth phase - this is when the hair is actively growing. It is also known as the "anagen phase".
  • The degradation phase - this is when the hair stops growing but stays attached. The technical name for this period is the "catagen phase".
  • The resting phase - this occurs after the hair has been shed and a new hair begins to form. This is also known as the "telogen phase".

It is important to realise that laser hair removal will only work whilst the hair is actively growing, i.e., during the anagen phase. Therefore a number of treatments over several months are required in order to achieve an appreciable reduction in the amount of hair growth, in order to "catch" each hair during its anagen phase. Even during the anagen phase, the hair follicle may not be completely destroyed. It may be damaged sufficiently that only a fine, weak hair can be produced, but a second treatment between two and four weeks later will usually destroy the follicle in this case.

In any event, you should plan to carry out a number of treatments over several months to achieve the best possible reduction or elimination of hair.

Are there any alternative home kits?

laser hair remover 2electrolysisThere is another Rio hair remover which is cheaper, but not as fast as the devices mentioned above. As previously mentioned, electrolysis can be used on dark skin types.