NLite for Acne, Acne Scars

and Port Wine Stain Birth Marks

NLite - what is it and is it safe?

NLite is a pulsed-dye laser that emits light from a handpiece that is held close to your face. It has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of "inflammatory active acne", in addition to the treatment of wrinkles and unsightly veins.

Could NLite get rid of my acne?

Nlite has been clinically proven to treat acne. In addition, it will reduce the appearance of pits and scarring, improving the appearance of your skin. In addition, it is an effective treatment for:

  • wrinkles including crows feet
  • port wine stain birth marks
  • rosacea

How does NLite work?

The pulsed light kills the bacteria that cause acne and spots and at the same time stimulates the cellular repair of the epidermis. This is achieved via the light penetrating into the blood vessels stimulating the healing process. In the case of treatment for wrinkles, the penetrating light encourages the growth of collagen which pushes the wrinkles out from beneath. Port wine birth marks are treated via a stronger beam which destroys the unslightly blood vessels but leaves the skin healthy.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatment of a complete face takes about half an hour. There is no surface soreness as the effects of the laser take place beneath the skin, so you can have a treatment in your lunch hour and return to work in the afternoon. The procedure is painless and you will not need time to recover - all you will feel during the treatment is a warm, tingling sensation in your skin. They may be a smell of burning (seriously!) but this is nothing to worry about.

Before you are treated, you will have a consultation with a doctor followed by a patch test. During the procedure you will wear goggles to protect your eyes from the intense light.

How many treatments will I need?

For acne, a single treatment may be all that is required. Results may start to be seen after two weeks but can take up to three months. Some patients opt to have two treatments two weeks apart. Port wine birthmarks may need a number of treatments to remove them.

acne photo before nlite
acne photo after nlite
Acne before Nlite
Acne after Nlite

port wine stain photo before
port wine stain photo after
Port Wine Stain before Nlite
Port Wine Stain after Nlite

Are there any side effects or after effects?

No. Any side effects are negligible. However, there may be a small amount of bruising after the port wine stain treatment. Makeup can be applied directly after treatment.

Care is needed in the treatment of patients with coloured skin, such as Asian or Afro skin. This is because darker skin colours are more at risk of excessive pigmentation and they should be treated with a lower intensity laser and for a shorter period of time. You should check that your doctor has experience of working with coloured skins if this applies to you.

What is the success rate?

In the region of 90% of patients achieve a significant and noticeable improvement in their acne, and remain acne free for long periods.

Are there any alternatives for home use?

no!no! Skin Acne Treatment System

No!no! skin acne treatment systemThe no!no! Skin is an acne treatment system which utilises high grade light and heat energy (LHE) technology to remove spots at least 55% faster than any other acne remedy.

The heat works to decrease swelling and to reduce the healing time, meanwhile, the light works to destroy blemishes which results in the speedy elimination of spots.

The No!no! skin has been designed to treat acne of moderate severity. It is compact, easy to use and effective. Moreover, it is painless, safe and can be used on all skin types and colours, including white, dark and Afro skin. It is certified CE MDD approved.

This is a great little device, which acts directly on spots to minimuse their appearance. It is rechargeable and no additional creams or consumables need to be purchased. It currently retails at £128.95.

Click here for more info on the no!no! skin acne treatment system