Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. They can also be injected into the lips to make them fuller and give them improved definition.

What are dermal fillers made from?

Dermal fillers can be made from a variety of materials including those derived from bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) collagen or synthetically made in a laboratory from hyaluronic acid, eg Restylane®. Whatever the source, these products last a between three and nine months, dependent upon the amount and the type of substance used. They are biodegradable.

Some permanent dermal fillers are also on the market. They are made from substances including silicone oil (Radiesse - temporary but the results last up to two years), calcium hydroxylapatite (Silskin - results are permanent) and a mixture of water and synthetic polymer (Bio-Alcamid - results are permanent).

How are they applied?

The doctor or nurse injects the filler in a series of little injections, then massages the area. You may be given a local anaesthetic cream first to numb the are to be treated. Afterwards, you will be a little sore and there will be a small amount of swelling.

What results can I expect?

Lines and wrinkles take on a softer appearance and become less noticeable. When applied to the lips, they appear better defined and fuller.

dermal filler restylane before injection
dermal filler restylane after injection
Before temporary dermal filler
After temporary dermal filler (Restylane)

What are the risks?

Risks include an allergic reaction and an episode of cold sores in those patients who are susceptible to them.