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13th June, 2007

More teenagers are seeking plastic surgery. It appears that nose jobs and boob jobs are replacing the traditional graduation gifts of cars and computers. Liposuction is also popular amongst teens, together with male breast reductions.

However, doctors advise that teenagers may not have finished growing and may not be emotionally ready to have the surgery. Many young girls do not reach their mature chest size until around the ages of 18-21, so it can be somewhat premature to have surgery as young as 16. In addition, they may not be aware of the fact that implants will need to be replaced throughout their life and do not understand the financial implications.

12th June, 2007

More men than ever are getting plastic surgery. The proportion of men seeking plastic surgery procdures including eyelid reduction, botox and hair transplants has increased by 20-30% in the last two years. This coincides with the fact that "baby boomers" are now around 60 years old.

10th June, 2007

Simon Cowell has stated that he would never have plastic surgery nor dye his hair. I wonder how he explains his pearly white even teeth though. I think Simon has succumbed to the temptation of veneers. Perhaps he doesn't class cosmetic dentistry as a cosmetic procedure!